How To Guides

Race Management

  • Race Management Dashboard
    Once you have created a race you will always get a link in the menu at the top to the “Race Management” dashboard. From here you will see listed all your current races. There’s also an Archived Races tab which will list races you’ve archived or which have passed their race date.
  • Race Page
    From the dashboard you can view your race page using the View Race Page button. This gives you an opportunity to see how the page will look before making it publicly available. In the top right of your race page you’ll see a cog icon, press it and you’ll get the race manager toolbar from where you can change the colour theme to see which one suits your event best.
  • Race Status
    Each of your current races listed on the dashboard will have show a Status. The race status can toggle between Visible and Hidden. Initially new races will be hidden and only you will be able to see the race page. Once you’re happy with how you’re race is looking and you’re ready to take entries you should toggle the status to Visible. You’ll then find you’re presented with a link to your race page whch you can copy and paste into social media or other websites.
  • Editing your race
    Use the Edit button on the dashboard to edit your races. At the top of the edit page are 3 tabs, Race Details, Entry Options and Race Settings. The first two allow you to edit the information you added when creating your race. The third one provides more settings for controlling to behaviour and display of your race, find out more in the Race Settings section.
  • Race options
    On the simplest level a race will have just one entry option. i.e. Enter the race for £X. But sometimes you might want to offer multiple options, maybe one standard race entry and one with a race t-shirt which is more expensive. Maybe you have different prices for OAPs or children. Just add an extra option onto the entry options page and when people go to enter your race they’ll be able to pick the one that suits them best.
  • Archiving a race
    Races will be automatically archived once their race date has passed. But if you need to archive your race for some other reason before race day the Archive button will allow you to do that. If you Archive your race by accident or change your mind just go to the list of Archived Races and press the Unarchive button.