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Advanced Settings

  • Extra extra
    When you edit your race you will get 3 tabs at the top, the 3rd one is your race settings. In here you’ll find lots of extra settings
  • Affiliation
    Often race directors will affiliate a race with an organisation or association, this usually gets them race insurance. You can choose which one you’re using here and their logo will be displayed on your race page.
  • Entry limit
    If you need to limit the numbers attending your race you can choose whether to set an overall limit, a limit per entry option or a mixture of the two. Once the limit is reached no more entries will be accepted. The simple option is to have an overall limit, this way all entries for all your entry options will be added up and once they hit the overall limit no more entries will be taken. With the per entry option limit you will need to set a limit for each of your entry options and those limits will be applied for each individual entry option. You will need to save the settings page with the Per Entry Options Limits set and then go to the Entry Options tab to enter the limits for each of your options. The 3rd option combines the 2 and entries will be accepted until either the individual entry option limit is reached or the overall limit, whichever comes first. Any manual entries you add will count in the limit calculations, so it’s a good idea to regularly add in any paper entries you receive.
  • Transfers
    The age old nightmare of all race directors is transferring places, people get injured and want to transfer their place to a friend or just want to get their money back. Different races take different stances on what’s allowed but whatever you choose it takes a lot of your time to communicate with everyone involved.
    With the Online Race Entry transfer system turned on you can sit back and let the entrants take care of transferring themselves. You can choose to never allow transfers, allow them when the race is full or at any time. If you choose to allow transfers you can also choose whether to enable the waiting list or not. The waiting list will come into play when your entry options become full, instead of getting the option to enter the race people will instead get the option to join the waiting list. They’ll appear on the list in the date/time order that they joined.
    When someone decides they want to transfer their place they will be able to enter the email address of a friend to transfer to, that friend will then get an email asking them to accept the transfer and enter their details. If there are people on the waiting list then instead of transferring to a friend there will be an option to transfer to the next person on the waiting list.
    With the Charge and Refund option turned on the person transferring in will be asked to pay for their entry and once they’ve paid the person the entry was transferred from will receive a refund. If that option is turned on then the person transferring in wont be asked to pay and no refund will be given to the original entrant.
    You can set a last transfer date after which no transfers will be accepted so that you’re able to process your entries knowing that nothing is going to change.
  • Entry dates
    The first entry date specifies the earliest date that the system will accept entries for your race. Before that your race page will be live, so long as you’ve made it visible, but the enter button wont be shown.
    Similarly the last entry date specifies the last date on which the system will accept entries. Setting this to a day or 2 before your race gives you a bit a breathing space to know that you wont get any new entries after that and you can process your full entry list knowing it wont be changing.
  • Our fees
    We will always charge our fee but you can choose whether to absorb it into your advertised price or pass it on to the entrant. If you choose to pass it on then the entrant will see how much our fee is and will have to pay it on top of your entry price. If you don’t pass on the fee then the entrant will only see and pay your entry price, you will receive that entry price minus our fee.
    We recommend that you don’t pass on the fee for the simple reason that nobody likes paying fees, you can always adjust your entry price to reflect that choice.
  • Colour theme
    Adjusting the colour theme, either through the race settings or using the race manager toolbar (cog icon) on the race page, allows you to choose something that is suitable for your brand and that doesn’t clash with your event logo and image.
  • Header Image
    The header image will appear at the very top of your race page, adding a good image will help to make your page stand out from the crowd and generate interest for your event. Ratio: 9:2 minimum 1800px by 400px
  • Social image
    The social image can be the same image as your header image or something different. It will be displayed on social media when you or someone else shares your race page. Ratio 2:1 minimum 1024px by 512px.
  • Additional questions
    Entrants will be asked all the standard information when they enter your event, name, dob, gender, contact info, affiliation club name and number. You may decide you want to gether more information, for example if you’re giving away t-shirts it’s usful to ask what t-shirt size they’d like.
    The additional questions are here just for that sort of thing. You can add up to 5 questions, each question can be a Single Option Answer, Multiple Option Answer or a Free Text Answer.
    • Single Option Answer – this would be good for the t-shirt example as you can specify your t-shirt sizes and the entant would have to pick one.
    • Multiple Option Answer – again you specify a list of options, the entrant can pick as many as they like.
    • Free Text Answer – The entrant will be able to type you an response.