How To Guides

Entry Management

  • Team entries
    Most events will allow you to enter as an individual however if you want to accept entries from teams then you can select the Team entry type in your entry option. You could have one entry option for individuals and another for teams if you want to offer both.
    When an entrant chooses a team entry option they will be asked to either enter a team code which has already been set up by another team member or they can set up a new team and enter a team name. When they create a new team they automatically become team captain as far as this website is concerned and they are allocated a team code which they then pass onto their friends to be able to register in the same team.
    You will be able to see who’s in what team and who the team captain is when you download you entry list and by viewing your entries through the dashboard.
  • Viewing entries
    The exciting part of managing a race is watching the entries come in. The View Entries button on the dashboard takes you to a listing page for your entries. Click on the reference for one of the entries to see the full details of that entry.
  • Download entries
    From the view entries page there is a button to Download Entries in CSV format for you to load into your spreadsheet software.
  • Refunding entries
    You can refund an entry by bringing up the full details of the entry from the View Entries list and clicking the Refund Payment button. This will refund the payment back to the payment card used by the entrant. Note that refunding an entry wont remove the entrant from the entry list, you need to delete the entry too if you want to do that.
  • Removing entries
    If you want to remove an entry there is a Delete Entry button on the View entry page. This will permanently delete the entry from the website.
  • Manual entries
    Some people will prefer to enter using old fashioned paper forms. You can add these entries onto the website using the Add Manual Entry button. The advantages of doing this are: 1. The entrant will be included on the public list of entrants so they will know that you’ve received their entry. 2: Their entry will be included in the calculations when working out whether the event is full so you wont get more entries than you can handle. 3: When you download the entry spreadsheet these entries will be included so you wont need to keep separate lists.